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About Coliban Water

Coliban Water provide essential water and wastewater services to a region of 146,000 people across Central and Northern Victoria, Australia. Coliban Water manages, maintains and operates more than 50 resevoirs and water storage basins across the country, covering a service area of 55 towns.

To provide an efficient service to their customers, Coliban Water employ a number of lone workers.

Lone working in the utilities industry

The water and waste industry has historically been considered high risk, with employees being exposed to hazards such as; slips, trips and falls, lifting and handling and being struck by an object. When working alone, employees can be particularly vulnerable to such workplace risks as they are unable to receive the same support as those working nearby to colleagues. Working at height and with electrical and chemical hazards, also increases the risk of accident which could prove fatal if emergency support is not provided immediately.

About StaySafe

Coliban Water have chosen to protect their employees by implementing the StaySafe app and monitoring service. Lone workers are equip with an easy to use safety app which allows them to signal for help in an emergency. If an accident or incident should occur, the employer will be alerted immediately, allowing them to send the appropriate assistance directly to the employees location.

As well as a panic button, the lone worker app also allows for a man-down alarm, discreet panic and missed check-ins for situations where the lone worker cannot get to their phone.

The online employee monitoring service allows for full GPS location and alert visibility while also allowing the employer to keep an audit trail, store and refer to their lone worker policy, and run usage reports.

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