Ermha use StaySafe to locate staff following fire in bank

Not-for-profit organisation Ermha, who provide one to one support for vulnerable members of the Melbourne community, used the StaySafe lone worker app to locate and warn staff after a man set himself on fire in a local bank.

When a man set himself on fire in a Melbourne bank last month, injuring 26 members of the public, ensuring the safety of any employees working nearby became an immediate priority. By logging into their StaySafe Hub they were able to confirm the location of their employees and ensure that none of them were in the affected area. They then sent SMS messages to all staff warning them about the incident.

John Collins Manager Quality Services, at Ermha comments

“Risk can be difficult to control in our industry with most of our employees lone working in the community. With StaySafe, we can manage risk as soon as it is flagged to us by checking employee location and sending out instructions as we did with the recent fire.

If any individual feels threatened or in danger, we also know they are well equipped to signal for help through their app. StaySafe provides us and our lone workers with peace of mind that if risk does arise, we can identify and manage it as quickly as possible.”

Don Cameron, CEO of StaySafe adds

“Under health and safety legislation, all employers have a responsibility to create and maintain a safe work environment for their employees. When working alone and in the community, risk becomes more unpredictable and challenging to control. With StaySafe’s Hub and SMS Broadcast feature, employers are able to meet their duty of care by monitoring the location of their lone workers and warn them of any nearby safety risks – enabling them to reduce the severity or completely avoid potential safety incidents”

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