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StaySafe protect lone workers across New Zealand

Red Wolf Security Group, who provide security and monitoring services to businesses across New Zealand, have added lone worker safety app StaySafe to their product portfolio.

The move comes in order to meet the growing demand for lone worker safety protection in the region following the passing of the Health and Safety at Work Act on 4th April 2016.

The StaySafe monitoring Hub is now fully integrated with Red Wolf’s monitoring software, allowing Red Wolf to offer their professional monitoring and response services to StaySafe users.

The new Health and Safety reform bill aims to reduce New Zealand’s workplace injury and death toll by 25% by 2020. Businesses will be required to act in reducing workplace harm by focusing on managing and reducing risk. For lone workers, this includes maintaining regular contact and having an effective means of getting help quickly in an emergency.

Tony Patmore, Managing Director at Red Wolf comments “We have seen a significant rise in the demand for lone worker safety solutions since the tightening of safety legislation last year. StaySafe provides an excellent level of protection for lone workers and have the experience level and expertise we feel is crucial when providing safety and security solutions.”


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