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StaySafe & Proud2bSafe collaborate to support staff safety

Proud2bSafe was founded by Jason Anker MBE, who suffered a life changing accident at work when he was just 24. Proud2bSafe works with organisations as part of their health and safety initiatives to bring safety training to life though a mixture of powerful talks, resources, and workshops.

By sharing his own very personal and powerful story, Jason and his team of speakers support Proud2bSafe member organisations to help staff take responsibility for their own safety, gain a better understanding of why health and safety measures are in place and give them the courage to speak up if something is wrong.

Together, StaySafe and Proud2bSafe are offering organisations the option of a unified approach to health and safety by providing both the technology to keep staff protected and the practical support to get staff on-board with all aspects of health and safety training.

Don Cameron, CEO, StaySafe explains;

“Creating a positive safety culture is crucial for maintaining a safe environment and for getting employees on-board with any new safety initiatives. Proud2bSafe ensure that health and safety messages hit home in a personal and approachable way. Their membership program is hugely relevant to our customer base and will our customers to ensure that their staff follow safety procedures effectively and consistently”

Jason Anker, Founder of Proud2bSafe adds;

“Our collaboration with StaySafe is a fantastic opportunity for us both as we continue to strive to influence and support companies on their mission for a safer workplace and engaged staff.”

StaySafe and Proud2bSafe will be working together moving forward to educate and promote safety in the workplace in addition to offering exclusive discounts to their customers on each other’s services.

Listen to Jason Anker’s story here;

Find out more about how Proud2bSafe can work with your organisation to promote safety in the workplace.

Or if you are interested in receiving support from StaySafe and Proud2bSafe, contact us today.


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