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StaySafe and IKON Training collaborate to improve staff safety

Leading lone worker safety app StaySafe and conflict resolution specialists IKON Training have joined forces to provide businesses with both the tools and the practical advice to keep staff safe whilst they work and travel alone.

When it comes to working alone, both monitoring and training are incredibly important in protecting staff. Lone workers are at a higher risk of violence, aggression, accident or injury as there is no one there to provide protection or call for help.

As two companies dedicated to the safety of vulnerable employees, StaySafe and IKON Training have joined forces to offer organisations a ‘one stop shop’ for lone worker safety training and technology.

“Training is crucial in providing lone workers with the skills and confidence they need to leave a difficult situation, defuse tension and pick up on ques that something might not be right” James Crown, Training manager at IKON Training. “We offer a customised approach to conflict resolution training, to equip individuals and organisations with these essential skills. However, in addition to comprehensive training, it is crucial that organisations also keep an accurate log of staff locations and give them a way to quickly and discreetly signal for help if needed. This is where StaySafe comes in”.

StaySafe is an app and surrounding cloud-based monitoring service which tracks a lone worker’s location via GPS and alerts their manager if they do not check-in within a specified time. The app works on iPhone, Android and Windows and offers a wide range of functions including panic button, check-in, GPS tracking, man-down and duress alerts.

 “Training and monitoring are both crucial parts of lone worker safety, and can help organisations to meet their legal duty of care” Explains Don Cameron, CEO, StaySafe.  “Training staff and equipping them with a safety device, helps to create a positive safety culture where all staff are aware of risk and are able to keep themselves safe. IKON Training provide a great programme, and together, we can offer our clients a robust and effective solution to all aspects of lone worker safety.”

Louise Ballard at IKON Training adds;

“It’s important that employees feel safe at work, no matter if they’re Lone Workers or not. When people feel safe they perform their job roles better which is more effective for both the employee and the employer. IKON training aims to keep people safe and partnering with StaySafe enables us to provide an extra level of safety.”

Find out more about StaySafe’s lone worker solutions and IKON Training’s professional training programmes.

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