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In the news: Two lone workers threatened during armed robberies

The Incidents

Subway Preston

At 9:50pm on Monday 21st August, three men dressed in black with their faces covered, entered a Subway sandwich store armed with a claw hammer and knife.

A lone worker manning the store at the time, was threatened by the armed robbers who demanded cash from the till.

£100 was taken in the incident, and while the lone worker was fortunately unharmed, they were left shaken following the ordeal.

Post office Wigan

On Tuesday 1st August, an intruder wearing a clown mask and armed with an axe, entered the Abram Post Office.

He threatened a lone worker manning the post office but soon fled without stealing any cash. The attempted robbery was the third armed robbery to hit the post office over the last decade.

Lessons Learnt

Unfortunately, food and retail stores are common targets for armed robberies, as they are known to store cash in the register and tend to have few members of staff present at one time.

While armed robberies may be difficult to prevent, there are control measures that can be put in place particularly if your store is manned by a single employee.

  • Install an easy to access panic button
  • Consider equipping employees with a panic device in case they are unable to reach a physical button
  • Provide training on how to react in an armed robbery situation in order to avoid harm
  • Implement a lone worker policy
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