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Two thirds of UK businesses fail to meet basic health & safety law


One of the most basic requirements set out by health and safety legislation around the world, is to produce and distribute health and safety policies to all employees following thorough risk assessment.

Health and safety policies allow employees to operate safely and react appropriately should they find themselves at risk. Health and safety training, incident reporting and safety inductions are also basic requirements expected from businesses as a way to create safe work enivronments.

However, a study of 2,000 employees in the UK carried out by WorkMobile and a second study of a further 2,000 employees by Atomik Reasearch, found that a shocking number of businesses are failing to meet these basic requirements.

Take a look at our infographic below to find out how many businesses are breaking the law and which employees are more at risk as a result.




What is a health and safety policy and why are they so important?

Following on from a risk assessment, all businesses will need to produce a health and safety policy. A health and safety policy is a guide that will set out your companies’ rules on safe working and help your employees to understand the risks of their role. It should also provide them with practical advice and instruction on how to work safely.

Other things to include are;

  • The risks identified as part of your risk assessment
  • The procedures and measures that have been put in place
  • The responsibilities of each employee, including managers
  • Information on how to report a hazard or incident
  • Additional help and support contact info
  • Include all workers incuding any employees who work alone

How can you encourage employees to read and understand your policy?

If you have a health and safety policy in place but struggle to convince your employees to read and follow, there are some simple tips you could follow;

  • Publish the policy in an online Hub which can be easily updated and accessed
  • Create a clear and simple layout with only the essential information
  • Consider creating seperate policies or split into sections according to job roles
  • Hold health and safety induction/training days to update employees on important changes to your policy
  • Provide training around the policies you have in place so all employee know how to react in a dangerous situation

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