The £160 million upgrade: What is 5G and what will it do for me?

The £160 million upgrade: What is 5G and what will it do for me?

Wednesday’s Autumn Budget speech from chancellor Phillip Hammond delivered a pledge to invest £160 million into 5G mobile networks across the UK. The investment will see an acceleration in the development of 5G, as well as providing superfast broadband coverage to 98% of the nation over the next few years.

5G promises to be a vast step forward for mobile network technology. Not only will it provide faster and more reliable data connections, it will also open the door to a range of technological developments.

To put 5G into context, when connected to a 5G network, a full HD movie will download in seconds, while the same task would take 10 minutes on current 4G networks. 5G also promises to entirely close the gap between requesting an action on your device, to the action being performed e.g. clicking on a web link and the time taken for the web page to load.

What does this mean for the technology industry?

This is not just good news for end users, it is also a welcome investment for the technology industry as a whole. “The most obvious benefit of investment in 5G technology is the increased speed and reliability at which we will be able to perform actions on our mobile devices, whether that is browsing the web, downloading or using apps” says Ian Munday, CTO at safety app, StaySafe.

“Smart devices have an ever increasing and significant role in business communication, admin and process improvement. Our app, for example, is used by businesses to keep lone workers safe whilst they work remotely, so connectivity and speed are critical. With 5G, connected users will have access to improved coverage, more reliable connections and even faster speeds.

As the number of tasks performed via mobile networks continues to increase, the need for near-instant connectivity will become non-negotiable as far as users and businesses are concerned, making the investment in 5G a welcome and necessary move”.

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