UK Charity Week

In support of UK Charity Week which is running from the 4th-8th December, we would like to raise awareness of some of our UK based charity clients and the work their lone workers carry out each day.

Lone workers are a valuable asset for charities in particular as it allows them to reach a wider base of clients and on a more personal level. Working within the communities and often on a one-to-one basis, lone workers provide a highly personalised and important service in different communities across the UK.

However, lone workers do face a level of risk each day, particularly when working with unknown members of the community. This is why many UK charities use StaySafe – to ensure they know their volunteers and employees are safe while they work alone.

We Are Beams

What they do

We Are Beams are a local charity who work to support the disabled children, young people and their families across Kent. Divided up into 4 key areas, Beams aim to support the whole family through a menu of services that directly benefit and assist those dealing with the challenges of raising a disabled child;

  • Family advice
  • Short breaks
  • Dragons retreat
  • Direct payment

What their lone workers do

As part of their Direct Payment Support Service, Beams are commissioned by the local authority to help families use the funding provided to meet their individual circumstances and needs.

This service is provided by a team of lone workers who visit clients at their homes to offer support and advice. Lone working allows the charity to support as many families in the community as possible, to take the stress out of an overwhelming process.

How StaySafe helped

While families are referred to Beams by the local authority, Case Workers have no prior knowledge of the family before entering their homes. When family are struggling, circumstances can be difficult and create stressful situations.

With lone workers potentially exposed to the risk of aggression and violence, all case workers are equip with the StaySafe app, allowing them to check-in safely before and following a client meeting, or a panic alert can be sent in an emergency. Not only has StaySafe allowed Beams to monitor the safety of their lone workers, the solution has also had a positive impact on the charities safety culture, team bonding and morale.

Signposts Start Over

What they do

Signposts are a homeless charity who provide temporary accommodation and support services in preparation for independent living.

With 6 projects in Luton and 3 in Dunstable, Signposts support individuals in the community between the ages of 16-64.

The services they offer include;

  • Housing Related Support
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Life skills guidance (on cooking, cleaning, budgeting, laundry etc)
  • Help with applying for benefits etc
  • Help with health issues (registering with local doctors, dentists etc)
  • Help in finding training, education and appropriate leisure pursuits for the client
  • Help and support in creating pathway to independent living
  • Support with accommodation issues
  • One-to-one support
  • Home visits
  • Support in accessing relevant services
  • Social skill building
  • Support in leisure activities
  • Education and support in accessing education
  • Individual needs support (mental health, alcohol, drugs, offending history)

What their lone workers do

Much of their services are run by a team of lone workers who operate 24 hours a day to provide support. Working away from the office, Signposts’ team of lone workers are heavily involved in the community and with vulnerable individuals.

How StaySafe helped

Signposts monitor their lone workers through the help of StaySafe and Securitas, our professional monitoring partners who offer monitoring and response 24/7. This is ideal for the charity as their lone workers work unsocial hours and with hectic and varied schedules. Outsourced monitoring ensures someone is always available to respond to an alert, any time of the day.

Read the full case study.

Venture Trust

What they do

Venture Trust run programmes to support vulnerable members of the community in developing life skills, stability and confidence to sustain positive changes in their lives.

Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds such as growing up in care, experiencing homelessness, challenging family circumstances and in many cases, several or all of these life challenges.

Programmes involve one-to-one support and group activities as well as a wilderness journey designed to develop more positive and productive attitudes and behaviours.

What their lone workers do

Each participant is assigned a dedicated one-to-one wilderness staff member at the outset of their journey. This employee works closely with participants, taking on a mentor role.

How StaySafe helped

With employees venturing the Scottish wilderness with their participants, StaySafe provides a reliable and accurate way of locating them in an emergency. Location can be viewed in the StaySafe Hub while employees are running a session or if they send a panic alert, allowing monitors to pinpoint their location if emergency support is required. This is particularly important for Venture Trust as the wilderness program takes place in the Scottish highlands and remote areas of the country – where locating an employee could prove incredibly difficult and time consuming.

Read the full case study.

How do we protect the safety of lone workers in the charity sector

Working within different communities and often in highly sensitive or emotional environments, lone working charity employees and volunteers are often exposed to the risk of abuse and violence.

StaySafe provides them with a tool to signal for help in any situation. Quick and easy to use, the app is reliable, robust and incredibly user friendly. If a lone worker finds themselves in a difficult situation, whether they suffer a fall, or are involved in a confrontation, they can send an alert on the app allowing a monitor to pinpoint their location, get in contact and if necessary, send emergency support.

A range of useful features such as a discreet panic and duress pin, ensures alerts can be sent even when confronted with an aggressor, while missed check-ins will alert a monitor even when the lone worker can’t.

If you are interested in using StaySafe, we offer a reduced rate for charities and social initiatives. Get in contact for more information.

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