In the news: traffic warden suffers broken shoulder following attack

A lone working traffic warden suffered a broken shoulder when he was violently shoved by a member of the public, after noticing he was being given a ticket.

Daniel Corneille had parked his car on a double yellow line, blocking a crossing designed for blind people. As the warden, Mr Lawrence, was turned away, Corneille shoved the warden into a shop wall, shouting at him violently before shoving him a second time, causing his head to hit the pavement.

Mr Lawrence was left in excruciating pain and could not get up from the pavement. He was unable to drive or work for 6 weeks following the attack, relying on his wife to carry out daily duties.

CCTV and bodycam footage captured the attack and Corneille was arrested only a week later. The incident was taken to court and Corneille given a 2-year sentence.

Violence and aggression towards lone workers

Unfortunately, many public serving lone workers carry out tasks that can easily cause anger and frustration from their clients and members of the public. Despite no fault of their own, this frustration can very often be taken out on the lone worker either verbally or physically.

In some cases, such as this one, defending oneself can be difficult as attacks are very often unpredictable. Yet there are some measures that can be put in place to equip your lone workers with a way to handle a violent situation.

·        Training

Any lone workers operating in environments with the potential of violence and aggression, should be given training on diffusing a situation and handling aggression.

·        Panic button

Panic buttons should also be provided if the risk of aggression has been identified as part of your risk assessment. StaySafe provides several panic methods via a mobile app and optional wearable technology.

·        Man-down alerts

Man-down alerts are an effective way to detect a fall or period of non-movement. The StaySafe app and wearable device also provide this option.

·        Bodycams

As attacks on traffic wardens are unfortunately not uncommon, many are equipped with bodycams. Bodycams are very useful during a police investigation as they provide clear evidence of the attack and perpetrator. If attacks are high in your industry, you may also consider rolling out bodycams.

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