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StaySafe at Field Service USA 2018

StaySafe CEO Don Cameron will be attending the annual Field Service USA 2018 conference later this month.

The event will host a series of discussions around issues effecting field service businesses. Some topic areas include connected devices and IoT, workforce management, mobility and technology advancements – including our speciality – apps!

The conference which will be held at the JW Mariott Palm Desert Resort & Spa from April 17-20, is the perfect opportunity to network with likeminded individuals, share knowledge and discover some of the latest solutions available on the market.

Experts in lone worker safety

With many field service workers operating off site, remotely and often alone, StaySafe are attending the event as a way of sharing our extensive knowledge on lone worker safety and in hopes of further growing our presence in North America.

StaySafe offers an easy to use lone worker solution. The intuitive StaySafe app provides a robust and effective way to monitor your lone workers and provides them with a way to signal for help in any situation.

The app monitors the location of lone workers in real-time and allows them to check-in safely once they have finished a lone working or travel session, or signal for help.

The cloud-based monitoring Hub provides an accurate location and up to date safety status so that you can keep an eye on all of your employees in one place. Plus, you will be notified of an alert only when you need to be – via SMS, email and optionally, a phone call.

Who do we work with?

A number of companies operating within the Field Services sector currently use StaySafe to monitor and protect their lone workers. Operating in different areas of the world and across varying job roles, user feedback is testament to the easy to use and flexible nature of the StaySafe solution.

Here are what some of our Field Service clients think:

“StaySafe is an efficient and value saving solution that allows us to monitor all of our front-line employees distributed over a large geographical spread, from one place. Our team can now check-in at the touch of a button and supervisors will only be alerted when they need to be, freeing up me and allowing them to focus on other important tasks, while feeling con dent that an alert system is in place to assure the safety of front line workers.”

– A Jay Medwid, Manager, Operations Effectiveness at SaskEnergy, TransGas division

“StaySafe fits seamlessly into our flexible working pa ern and is a huge improvement on the manual system we were operating previously. Not only have we saved me as a business, but we also feel confident that we are able to meet our legal duty of care to our employees. Knowing that our engineers have full access to this is great for us as a company but also gives them peace of mind that we are looking out for their welfare”

– James Evans Director of i-Systems









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