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StaySafe app available on new Garmin inReach mini devices

Garmin inReach mini offers a smaller, lighter satellite communication device with 100% global coverage through Iridium’s satellite network.

The new mini device offers much of the same functionality as the larger Garmin inReach, and provides all of the core functionality of the StaySafe app.

Accurate location tracking allows remote workers to be monitored from the StaySafe Hub, while an SOS panic allows them to signal for help in an emergency. If a panic alert is triggered on the device, StaySafe will notify a monitor immediately, allowing an organisation to take action.

Measuring just under 9.9cm tall by 5.2cm wide and weighing 100g, the inReach mini device offers a more convenient and comfortable way of carrying a satellite device in your pocket, backpack or clipped to clothing.

Despite the smaller size, the device still offers a great range of functionality such as;

  • Weather forecasts
  • Waterproof design
  • Impact resistance
  • Basic navigation tools
  • 50 hours battery life with regular tracking

With many lone workers operating remotely and off the beaten track, StaySafe with inReach Garmin devices, provide an extremely reliable way of monitoring the safety of employees and allowing assistance to be sent directly to their location.

Don Cameron, CEO StaySafe comments: “Using the StaySafe app on a satellite device means the worry of keeping track of staff in mobile blackspots is a thing of the past. Utilising satellite coverage allows us to offer employers a lone worker device that can monitor employee safety anywhere in the world, with no reduction in functionality or accuracy. Plus, as the satellite devices can be monitored within the same online Hub as regular smartphone StaySafe users, employers can keep track of all staff in one place using the device that is most suitable for each individual employee”

Find out more about StaySafe’s satellite options.

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