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The Health and Safety at Work Act - Health & Safety lone worker policy construction

Has the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 made workplaces in New Zealand safer?

What is the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and has it been effective in improving health and safety in New Zealand? The Health and Safety at Work act 2015 (HSWA) came into effect on 4th April 2016 and … Read More

GPS in the workplace: Perception, reality and getting employees on board

GPS tracking in the workplace can be used for a number of purposes such as mileage, auditing and of course safety monitoring. But when it comes to implementing GPS tracking, there are some common concerns. The most common being privacy, … Read More

Workplace Safety Statistics 2015-2016

With 2017 fast approaching, it is useful to look back at HSE’s annual health and safety statistics over 2015/16. Health and safety recruitment agency, Bryan & Armstrong, have created a useful infographic to illustrate the number and types of accidents … Read More

HSE Statistics

Workplace Fatalities UK: HSE Statistics 2015/16

Annual data released last week by the HSE, reveal a slight rise in workplace fatalities¬†over the last 2 years. The HSE statistics show provisional UK figures for the number of fatal injuries caused by accidents in the workplace over the … Read More

Scared housing lone worker

Inside Housing: Violence, fear and underreporting

28% of housing employees feel less safe on the job then they did last year. This statistic comes as part of an Inside Housing Survey of 346 frontline housing workers. The survey revealed a frightening culture within the industry where … Read More

Lone worker construction fall from height, injured

Workplace Injuries & Fatalities Rise Across US

A review of federal labor data, released last week, reveals a rise in workplace injuries and fatalities across some of the world’s most dangerous industries. Key Findings: The rate of fatal workplace injuries in the private construction industry was at … Read More

Employee Safety - retail employee working alone

Employee safety in retail

241 retail employees are assaulted every day in the UK. How do we protect the employee safety of at risk workers? Retail employees are an incredibly valuable part of our society. Not only do they make our every day lives … Read More