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Workplace violence

Lone worker attacked in takeaway altercation

A UK employee was attacked earlier last month as he worked alone in an Eat & Go takeaway restaurant. Sean Nixon was working an evening shift in the restaurant when two males entered the store and an argument broke out … Read More

Violence at work healthcare

Public sector staff face violence at work

A new study has revealed that over a third of public sector staff have been violently attacked or threatened at work. Public service staff provide our society with much needed services such as education, health care and emergency response. Yet … Read More

Scared housing lone worker

Inside Housing: Violence, fear and underreporting

28% of housing employees feel less safe on the job then they did last year. This statistic comes as part of an Inside Housing Survey of 346 frontline housing workers. The survey revealed a frightening culture within the industry where … Read More

Emergency response to work accident

When is working alone not ok? Lone worker law and legislation

Article contents What is classed as lone working? Is it legal to work alone? Legislation and regulations for working alone What is the law on lone working? Is it legal for one person to work overnight? Is it illegal for … Read More

Employee Safety - retail employee working alone

Employee safety in retail

241 retail employees are assaulted every day in the UK. How do we protect the employee safety of at risk workers? Retail employees are an incredibly valuable part of our society. Not only do they make our every day lives … Read More