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About StaySafe

StaySafe brings together lone worker expertise with cutting edge technology

Our Story


StaySafe was developed when founder Graham Mills was unable to find a suitable safety solution for his own team of lone working surveyors. Instead of putting their safety into the hands of an unfit solution, Graham decided to build his own. Through a collaboration with health and safety advisors and a talented app development team, Graham’s vision for the StaySafe solution was realised in 2012.

Recognising that other company owners would be in the same position, Graham wanted to make the StaySafe solution available to a wider market. Since then, StaySafe has built a wide portfolio of customers across a wide variety of sectors and from 25 countries and counting. 

StaySafe has proven particularly popular amongst industries such as housing, utilities, field service and health and social care, but our portfolio spans across every sector imaginable. Some of our well-known client names include Ericsson, Google, Kier, Babcock, the NHS, St John and Barnardos.  


In 2018, StaySafe introduced an entirely new product called IncidentEye in response to the growing number of terrorist and other emergency incidents that are affecting businesses in the UK and worldwide.

When several customers approached us to ask for incident management features to be built into the StaySafe app, instead of overcomplicating the lone worker solution and taking the focus away from its simple, easy to use format, we decided to develop an entirely new solution.

Using the same development team that created StaySafe, IncidentEye provides a way for employers to locate and communicate with employees during an incident.

Since IncidentEye was developed, we have signed up several top corporate organisations around the world including a major bank in New Zealand and been shortlisted for a number of awards. Find out more. 

Our Mission

StaySafe’s mission is to create easy to use app-based solutions that address specific workplace safety challenges, to help organisations meet their legal and moral duty of care. Our users are at the core of everything we do which is why we strive to keep our solutions user friendly while offering the very best functionality.

Our Vision

Our talented and dedicated tech team are constantly improving our solutions and introducing new features according to customer needs and emerging technologies. Our vision is to continue to be at the forefront of safety technology and to continue to provide our customers with easy to use, reliable solutions.

Our Senior Management Team

Each member of our senior management team is an experienced professional in their field, whether that be security, tech or marketing. Their combined knowledge and skills bring an array of expertise to StaySafe.


Graham Mills

Founder and Director
David Gale

David Gales


Don Cameron


Ian Munday

Gabriella Crawford

Gabriella Crawford


Key Milestones

Since 2012, our lone worker solution has reached a number of milestones such as;

  • Achieving BS8484 accreditation
  • Becoming the first lone worker smartphone app to offer a low signal option
  • Signing up organisations across 5 continents and over 47 countries
  • Winning a host of awards for both our dedication to safety and tech
  • Partnered with v.bttn to offer our customers wearable options
  • Became available on Garmin inReach satellite devices for 100% global signal coverage
  • Became available on the IS520.1, intrinsically safe ATEX Smartphone
  • Gained Cyber Essentials Accreditation in 2019 and 2020

If you are looking for a lone worker solution trusted by clients all over the globe, we would love to hear from you.​

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