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Tas Water

Australian based utilities company, TasWater, has rolled out the StaySafe app to 360 of their lone workers across Tasmania.  Many employees work in rural areas where it can be difficult to notify emergency services if trouble occurs. Since launching StaySafe, workers now feel reassured that if an incident happens whilst they are working alone, a monitor will be alerted and can send help if required.

Employees can record their working day through the app by simply pressing a button. The handy check-in feature encourages workers to start a session at the beginning of their day and end the session once their work is complete. Managers have an overview of where their employees are during their shift and if help is needed, they can immediately send it to their exact location.

Find out more about how employees at TasWater use the StaySafe app and why they would encourage more companies to use the StaySafe solution.