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SMS Broadcast

Team SMS Lone Worker Broadcasts

Communicate with your team quickly and efficiently

Turn your hub into a communication tool

SMS Broadcast allows you to send SMS text messages to your team directly from your StaySafe Hub. Whether operational or social, SMS Broadcast allows you to communicate information quickly and efficiently.

How you use SMS Broadcast and the type of messages you send is entirely up to you – perhaps you want to remind lone workers to begin a session on the StaySafe app, notify a schedule change or organise a team lunch. You can even view delivery status within the Hub so that you can keep track of who has received a communication and when.

Enhance employee safety
Increase business efficiency
Keep track of communications

Manage your team during an emergency

If and when disaster hits, locating your lone workers and ensuring they are safe could become a difficult and time consuming task. With SMS Broadcast, you can instruct your employees to begin a session or hit the panic if they are in danger – allowing you to locate them within the Hub and assess if they are safe.

SMS Broadcast can also be used to communicate crucial information to your team as the situation progresses. Warn mobile workers to stay away from an effected location, send important updates as they happen and instruct them on the best practices on staying safe.

For more advice on managing safety during an emergency, download our guide.

Manage your team during an emergency

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