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In the news: Attempted robbery on lone worker

Earlier this week, an employee working at a restaurant alone in Coney Island, New York, was involved in an attempted armed mugging.

At around 2am on the 8th October, three men entered the restaurant where the employee was working alone and began to act in a disorderly fashion. The lone worker told the three men that the restaurant was closed and asked them to leave.

He followed them outside to ensure they were not loitering – when he was attacked. The men surrounded the lone worker and demanded that he hand over his phone and wallet. Following a brief struggle, one of the men took out a knife and told the employee to give them the money from the restaurant.

When he refused, the man threw a garbage can at the employee before the three fled the scene.

Lessons Learnt

As we have seen from previous news stories, unfortunately, food and retail stores are common targets for robberies, thefts and attacks, as they are known to store cash in the register and tend to have few members of staff present at one time.

While armed robberies may be difficult to prevent, there are control measures that can be put in place particularly if your store is manned by a single employee.

  • Consider equipping employees with a panic device in case they are unable to reach a physical panic button, or in this case, are outside the premises
  • Provide training on how to react in an armed robbery situation in order to avoid harm
  • Implement a lone worker policy
  • Ensure CCTV is installed to aid police in their investigation


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