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10 Reasons
why you should choose StaySafe

When introducing a new product to the workplace, we understand that your employees want something quick, easy to use and fits effortlessly into the working day. StaySafe has been designed with that in mind, which is why our users find the app to be incredibly visual and user-friendly.

Plus, by placing a safety device on employees’ smart devices, StaySafe is always with them when they need it. Our customers have experienced less user resistance when switching to an app because employees do not have to remember to charge and carry with them a separate device.

1. Full end-to-end service provision

We offer more than just an app, we work with you as your lone worker safety partner. The flexibility of the StaySafe app and Hub enables us to configure a solution that is a perfect fit for your unique risk profiles and organisational structure. From personalised online demos, through to user onboarding and on-going support, we are with you every step of the way.

2. Your staff already carry a smartphone

StaySafe is always available on your employees’ phones when they need it. Lone workers won’t have to remember to charge or pack additional devices, so they are never without protection. With almost all lone workers already familiar with using apps, we find that they quickly incorporate StaySafe into their working day.

3. Employees engage with our app

Designed with user experience in mind, the app is visual and easy to use. Our in-app training means users are up and running quickly and checking-in soon becomes second nature.

4. It’s suitable for everyone, everywhere

StaySafe is a flexible and scalable solution that can be configured for organisations of any size and structure, in any industry. We can roll out the solution 100% remotely and optional add-ons like wearable technology and satellite devices offer additional flexibility.

5. Employee privacy is protected

Employees are in complete control of when their location is visible. Their location is only shared when they are running an active session in the app, during a period of lone work or travel. Session history is recorded in the Hub, allowing you to ensure that your workers are using the app when expected.

6. We offer a range of monitoring options

Choose between monitoring staff locations and alerts in-house, or outsourcing to one of our specialist 24/7 monitoring partners. You can even combine the two to build a customised service.

7. It costs less than a dedicated device

With no additional equipment needed, choosing StaySafe is a great value alternative to dedicated devices and panic alarms. Plus, you can be up and running in as little as 24 hours.

8. Suitable for remote and low signal areas

StaySafe offers 16% more coverage than any other lone worker app via our low signal mode. The app switches seamlessly between all available connections to offer the best levels of connectivity possible. For extremely remote employees, StaySafe is also compatible with a range of satellite devices.

9. Helps you meet your legal requirements

As part of your lone worker safety provision, our solution helps you to meet your duty of care to staff and adhere to health and safety legislation for lone workers. Failure to adhere to health and safety legislation can have serious consequences, including fines, damage to your reputation and, for the most serious breaches, time in prison.

10. We’re industry accredited

StaySafe is BS8484* accredited, giving you peace of mind that you are protecting your employees with a high-quality solution that meets stringent safety standards. We have also been accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus from the National Cyber Security Centre so you can be confident your data is secure.

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*Full Lone Worker Device (LWD) accreditation (Part 5) is limited to certain v. 4.0 operating system and above android smartphones when monitoring is provided by a BS 5979 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

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