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Prime property management

"We’re pleased with how well the StaySafe app has integrated into the company."

Prime Property Management uses StaySafe to protect staff when conducting site visits alone

Prime property management is a property management company based in the UK. The organisation manages accommodation blocks across London and the South East of England. Prime Property Management employs staff that often spend  a large majority of their working day, visiting different premises and conducting site visits alone. It’s also not uncommon for employees to work during the evenings. 

Managers at Prime Property Management recognised that staff could be at risk to a number of different hazards during their working day. For workers that frequently travel to different locations, there is always the risk that an accident could happen during their journey and they may not be able to call for help if badly injured. Similarly, conducting home visits and entering unpredictable environments can never truly be planned for, if staff encountered hostile members of the public or got into an altercation, Prime Property Management wanted a quick and efficient way for employees to notify them. 

Before partnering with StaySafe, the company ensured all lone working staff received thorough training and encouraged a buddy system where possible. However, managers were keen to implement a solution that could offer their staff added protection when conducting visits and could show their location during an emergency. Prime Property Management was looking for an app-based solution that was compatible with both android and iOS devices, it was also important for employees to be able to check-in and for notifications to be sent to more than one person. After the trial process, Prime Property Management were confident that the StaySafe solution was offering their workforce the protection they needed. 

Since launching StaySafe, employees now have the ability to check-in to the app when starting a period of lone work or travel. If staff fail to check-in after a set amount of time, a notification will be sent to monitors. 

For staff who work in the community and have to conduct home visits alone, there is always risk when going into unpredictable environments as people can be a threat. StaySafe’s panic feature allows staff to send an alert when they feel threatened and receive help to their exact location.

Stephen Wiles, Director at Prime Property Management comments, “we’re pleased with how well the StaySafe app has integrated into the company, our staff make sure to use it when working alone and feel much safer knowing they have it with them. The implementation process was quick and easy and we had support from the StaySafe team whenever we had any questions or queries.”

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