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Three Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Lone Working Solution

A StaySafe guide to finding a lone working solution that fulfils your requirements

What you need to know when looking for a lone worker solution

Clients often come to us with a problem.If they’ve never tried implementing a technology solution to protect their lone worker, but know that their current process isn’t working, they are overwhelmed with by different options and aren’t sure what they are looking for. 

If they have a current lone working solution, they either struggle to ensure that their lone workers are actually using it or they can’t even tell who is using it or who is not. They may not be sure if they’ve chosen the right solution or the right provider, but they simply need help. 

That’s why we’ve created this guide to purchasing a lone working solution. Whether you’ve tried several lone working solutions, or you aren’t sure where to start, this is for you. In this guide, we’ll go through some of the steps you can take to evaluate your needs, understand what solutions are on offer and what features you need (and what are just ‘nice to have’).

This guide covers:

Lone working since the pandemic

Learn how to support your remote and home workers.

What are your needs?

How does a lone working solution meet them?

Does it meet your needs

Do you need an app, a wearbale device, or a combination?

Does it have the right features?

Decide what is a necessity and what is a ‘nice to have’.

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